Shepherding in 2010

Ardkinglas Estate
Ardkinglas Estate now farm sheep under a Contract Farming arrangement with J & D Jackson, Pole Farm, Lochgoilhead, this has been since 2004.
The sheep belong to Ardkinglas, on Ardkinglas ground and the Estate is involved in managing them. The labour and equipment involved in the actual shepherding is contracted out to the Jacksons. This arrangement has transformed the farm from one that was incurring huge annual losses for most of the 1990’s into one that is now an economically sustainable business, albeit very heavily dependent on government subsidy.
The stocking levels are currently around 800 ewes
Ceann Garbh, Newton and Beinn Chas and Clachan are now fenced parks with approximately 400 ewes on each park.
Sheep are moved to the lower ground at Clachan and Ardkinglas at lambing time. The pedigree black face flock are also on the low ground.
The farm also has around 20 cattle.

Number of shepherds

Davy and Jock Jackson manage the stock along with Richard Smith. Roddy MacDiarmid and Alistair MacCallum help when needed.

Strone Estate
sheep on Ben Ime and Beinn Chorranach, partnership between John MacNaughton and Strone Estate.
Approximately 50 blackface sheep back on the hill above the plantation on Achadunan plus Leaichdain.
2016 Approximately 100 ewes and 50 hoggs on Achadunan and Leaichdain.

Achadunan Estate
2016 J & D Jackson, Lochgoilhead no longer rent fields from Achadunan Estate.
2016 Achadunan fields farmed by Achadunan Estate - sheep, cattle. Deer mainly in Achrioch fields.

Ardno Estate
Ardno Estate now rent out their fields to D & J Jackson, Lochgoilhead, same amounts as 2000.

Average wool price - has slightly improved.
Average lamb price £25 - £45 for top lambs, the price rose considerably.
Average cast ewe price - £20 - £30
The average wage for a shepherd is...??????
2016 The average cost of a working dog £2000 - £2500, a good trialing dog would be seven or eight thousand pounds, although dogs of that quality are never for sale.
Gathering Ceann Garbh, Glen Fyne September 2016
Jock and Davy Jackson

Scanning the ewes, Clachan sheep shed March 2017
Jock Jackson, ??

Ewe and lamb, Clachan sheep shed April 2017

Jock and Davy Jackson electric shearing 2012

Sheep in Midlodge field on the low ground 2012