Shepherding in the 1970s

Ardkinglas Estate
Ardkinglas estate now has approximately 2150 sheep.
By 1978 - 1979 sheep had come off Trosgiche and Cuil hirsel, Cuil had been planted with forestry. Clachan and Ardkinglas fields had approximately 50 ewes.
There were 4 shepherds working for Ardkinglas Estate in the 70s. In 1973/74 Malcolm McKay and Peter McGregor from neighbouring Argyll Estates helped with the gathering for approximately four or five years.

Cairndow Estate
Cairndow Estate now has approximately 3050 sheep.
In the late 70s sheep went off Ardno hirsels, which were Glen Kinglas, Beinn Lochain, Beinn Seilich, Stob and Scolton hirsels, these were planted with commercial forestry (spruce). One hirsel was kept "Ballie Beag", this and the lower ground at Ardno was managed by Ernies MacPherson and four shepherds from 1973.
Cairndow estate now introduced the "Improver"/ Finnish Land Race to cross with the black face sheep on the low ground, (approximately 200 ewes) to produce more lambs at Achadunan, this was not very successful as the ewes were having three or four lambs, meaning lots of them had to be hand reared.
After that they went onto the Mules, which is a cross between Blackie/Swale and Leicester.

There were 8 shepherds working on Cairndow Estate in 1972.

Average wool price -
Average lamb price £25 - £30 for top lambs, the price rose considerably.
Average cast ewe price - £20,
The average wage for a shepherd was £20 per week.
Newspaper cutting from the Farming News 1970.
The big shed at Achadunan, which winters 700 ewes.

Roddy MacDiarmidís wage slip 1972

Roddy MacDiarmidís wage slip 1977

Annual draft sale at Achadunan, plus dispersal sale of Ardno stock, 1977. This was when the Ardno hirsels were planted with commercial forestry.

Annual draft sale at Achadunan 1977, plus dispersal sale of Ardno stock.

Shepherds at Butterbridge 1975.

This photograph is coypright
Shepherds at Butterbridge 1975.
Donald MacPherson, Archie MacCallum, Callum MacDonald, Donald Beaton, Kit Reid, Jim Wilson, Ernie MacPherson, Malcolm MacDonald and Jimmy Waddle.

"Improvers" at Achadunan 1975.
Jimmy Waddle and Donald MacPherson

Spearman’s Transport
Transportation of sheep 1970.

Cooper MacDougal and Robertson Ltd - dip and dose medication, 1971.

Cooper MacDougal and Robertson Ltd - fly dip, 1971.

Overtime at hay, clipping and gathering, Clachan 1971, 54p per hour.

Wool Growers Goods - Braxy vaccine 1971

Valuation of stock Clachan farm 1972

Duncan Munro and Sons, haulage contractors 1972.
Transportation of sheep and cattle.

Cooper MacDougal and Robertson Ltd - dip and dose medication, 1972.
Fluke drench

Wool Growers Goods 1973
Machine shearing heads

Donald Beaton and Unknown, Butterbridge 1970s

Donald and Kate Beaton and unknown, Butterbridge 1970s

Lambing time at Butterbridge 1970s