Shepherding in 1910

There was not many sheep on Ardkinglas estate, the emphasis was on stocking the land with deer, Duncan MacCallum remembered large imported deer were put on them. There was very little sheep on Ceann Garbh maybe about 50.
Colin Brodie farmed Laglingarten Farm with approximately 350 sheep.
Lease agreement between Ardkinglas Estate and Tommy Jones, Cairndow Hotel in 1917, grazing grounds for Cuil and part of Clachan, the sheep stock on Cuil was not to exceed 800.

Average wool price
Average lamb price - 37 shillings and 6d
Average ewe price - 27 shillings and 3d
The average wage for a shepherd was.....
Price of sheep stock on Laglingarten Farm 1914, when taken over by Mr Colin Brodie from Findlay MacCallum.

Valuation of stock of blackface sheep at Ardnoe in 1916
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